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About Exclu Messenger

Exclu Messenger is an unique world class product, featuring one of the most secure encryption used for communications. Our product gets regular updates, improving and keeping up with the latest developments.

Different variations

We have different variations of the exclu messenger, from a full fledged custom OS to App version. See below for more information.

Great Support

Our support team is available around the clock, providing fast and reliable support to any issues you have.


We pride ourself in having excellent uptime, supported by a robust infrastructure.



We offer you security, reliablity, privacy, all packed into 1 super product. Using our product you can have peace of mind. We have a team of professionals ensuring you allways have the latest technology in your hands.


With Exclu messenger you can be sure to be using the most secure and up to date product for your private communications.

Super Fast

Our messenging and pgp are blazing fast, with low latency and instant delivery!


We roll out regular updates, staying on top of the market, as well as keeping up with new security bugs and updates.

Unique Setup.

Our product is ment for any security minded individual or organisation, we offer some unique capabilities.


We have different variations of our product because we need needs differ!


Exclu messenger has the capability to hold conferences with multiple users !

Awesome features.

Reliability and security are upmost important for our services which we provide.


Double layered secure connection using private vpn and public tor protocols.


Excellent uptime, robust infrasructure, professional team of engineers.


Teachnical information on our product and infrastructure.

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Exclu Secure communications, Chat, Calling and PGP


Competitive prices, different options to suit your needs!

PGP / Chat APP Only

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  • PGP + Encrypted Chat
  • Encrypted Calling
  • Group Chat
  • Secure & Reliable
  • Your Own Device
  • 24/hr Support
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PGP / Chat + Device

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  • PGP + Encrypted Chat
  • Encrypted Calling
  • Group Chat
  • Samsung Knox Devices
  • KNOX Security Policies
  • 24/hr Support
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  • Premium Support
  • Control Panel
  • Regular Updates
  • Quick Resolutions
  • World Wide Delivery
  • High Margins
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Frequent Asked Questions!

  • Are the chat and pgp name the same ?
    PGP and chat names are different. The pgp name can be changed from within the app, the chat name remains the same throughout the subscription period.
  • Does exclu messenger work worldwide ?
    Our messenger works when you have internet (wifi/data sim), with our world simcard it works allmost in every country worldwide.
  • Can I send pictures ?
    The exclu messenger can send pictures to other exclu messengers, as well as pgps if they have the capability recieving and opening.
  • Can you read our messages ?
    No. The encryption keys for pgp and chat are stored in a secured vault on the device inaccessible from outside our messenger. Their is no way for us or anyone the decrypt any messages without those.
  • Do you accept resellers ?
    Yes, contact us for more information.

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