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Below you can order and pay the Exlu Messenger using bitcoin.
Exclu complete (Exclu + Device(iphone or android) +Sim) Free Shipping in Europe!

Exlu 3 months licence / 400 Euro

Exlu 6 months licence / 800 Euro

Custom Orders

Exlu 3 months + Device + Sim / 750 Euro

Exlu 6 months + Device + Sim / 1150 Euro



Frequent Asked Questions!

  • Are the chat and pgp name the same ?
    PGP and chat names are different. The pgp name can be changed from within the app, the chat name remains the same throughout the subscription period.
  • Does exclu messenger work worldwide ?
    Our messenger works when you have internet (wifi/data sim), with our world simcard it works allmost in every country worldwide.
  • Can I send pictures ?
    The exclu messenger can send pictures to other exclu messengers, as well as pgps if they have the capability recieving and opening.
  • Can you read our messages ?
    No. The encryption keys for pgp and chat are stored in a secured vault on the device inaccessible from outside our messenger. Their is no way for us or anyone the decrypt any messages without those.
  • Do you accept resellers ?
    Yes, contact us for more information.

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